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Energy Think equips individuals with the skills to consciously manifest what they deeply desire, through understanding the

principles of energy.

When you discover the principles of energetics and learn how to consciously work with your energy, you access a way of life in which the possibilities are endless. Start your journey and gain the skills to attain the reality you consciously choose. 

Energy Think programs provide a new framework to understand the energetic dynamics at play in your life, dismantle fear-based behavior, change interpretational tendencies, and permanently shift the energetic patterns that block deeply desired manifests.

Discover the principles and techniques to rewire your energetics, putting you in the driver’s seat to actualize a future you are inspired by.

Through community membership and private mentorship, the teachings of Energy Think are offered in a variety of ways to best suit your individual knowledge base and needs.

I really hope that you allow yourself to experience this

“The greatest part about the CADRE programme is we get to discover all of those resistances that we carry, about ourselves so we can move into this place of more self-love, and more source access, more access to the source of juicy, good energy that allows the rich to be rich and the happy to be happy. And I know that’s what you want for yourself. And you have to create that opportunity for yourself because it’s here, it’s right here, and I really hope that you allow yourself to experience this.” 

- Alexa Phelece

The Cadre Membership

The Cadre Membership

The Cadre is an exclusive subscription service for inquisitive truth-seekers looking for ongoing interaction with wisdom-centered teachings, innovative exercises, and an actively conscious community.

This work will support the reset of your energy patterns for confidence and truer self-expression, alignment of your actions toward your passions and purpose, and the deepening of your relationships with partners, family, and friends, among other things.

It is a journey into the energetic principles that put you in control of your life. 

By joining the Cadre, members gain access to:

  • Bi-weekly videos, writings, teachings, and updates from Dana on the forefront of energetics
  • Bi-weekly live membership meetings where Dana will discuss the most recent content with the group and answer questions that come up
  • The private collection of Dana’s proprietary teachings
  • Worksheets, exercises, and advice for practical integration in daily life
  • Self-guided journey topics which can be applied to every aspect of your personal and professional life
  • An engaged and supportive community of resonant individuals seeking to understand their truth.

Explore the power of your energy, receive clarity and accountability, and grow alongside other thought-leaders in an inspiring online world. You are invited to join the group field by activating your Cadre membership for $1K per month.

Private Guidance 

Private Guidance 

Private students advance immensely with one-on-one guidance as they set forth their most precious visions.

Dana is able to work with a select few clients in a one-on-one manner, offering them personally tailored access to her expertise. Private guidance is the best option for those who deeply value the opportunity to expand their sense of what is real and are genuinely willing to honor their inner world as the creative source of their outer world. It is for those who are ready to create their own paradigms.

Dana’s private clients experience an elite coaching journey that is continually tailored to reflect their strengths and the unique opportunities presented for personal transformation and connection to true power.

Private clients receive:

  • An exclusive, weekly session with Dana 
  • Initial intensives which include in-depth analysis and energetic reframing of their recent experiences
  • Personalized energy techniques to optimize their growth
  • Access to Dana on Voxer where they can consult through conversational voice messages as needed

Energy Think clients experience meaningful and long-lasting transformations from private, ongoing consultation with Dana. This elite coaching bridges the distance between comprehension and application, reframing and illuminating obstacles as the very experiences needed to achieve the desires sought.

Corporate Coaching

Corporate Coaching

High-performing corporate teams and members of the emerging workforce alike have a growing awareness of the role energy plays in their life – and the power they have to generate, transform, and create the reality they dream of.

In this one-of-a-kind, six-month coaching program Dana works with corporate leaders to help them understand the energetic patterns at play in their workforce – and how to rewire them – to attain the breakthroughs needed for ongoing success and massive gains in productivity, creativity, employee engagement, retention, and more. 

Develop an energetic strategy for your business and watch your workforce prosper from a framework that helps your team members unlock their infinite potential.

Energy Think’s Corporate Coaching program includes:

  • a two day in-person intensive for the CEO and three executive leaders, creating an in-depth blueprint of your workplace’s energy patterns, and the principles and techniques to rewire them
    • monthly one-on-one coaching sessions to provide ongoing support in business integration
    • access to Dana on Voxer for short-order support

For $250K your team can receive a profound energy upgrade and astound yourselves with the performance and profit gains that follow.


“It’s this overall essence. But it’s not always positivity because it’s not like oh, everything is just magically better. But I just feel free from all of the negativity. I just feel like I really am on this path towards energetic independence and really accessing my own energy regardless of what’s happening around me.” 

- Stacie Shelnutt

Now I feel that confidence is present even when things are good or challenging

“It’s this level of confidence that I didn’t have before. It’s this level of, I have this, I’ve got this and it’s all okay. I never felt that I could fool myself into thinking it and I could hold onto it temporarily when things were good. Now I feel like that confidence is present even when things are not good or when things are on the way to be resolved. I feel that I have a lot more self-confidence. I have more of a stronger voice, it is like more of me is in the picture and a bigger ability to deal with anything that comes my way. I’m literally not afraid. I used to have so much uncertainty and nothing’s changed but the uncertainty or the anxiety around whatever it’s going to be, is not there. It’s really exciting. It’s really fun to live this way or to feel this way.”

- Maria

The Cadre Membership

Explore the power of your energy, receive clarity and accountability, and grow alongside other thought-leaders in an inspiring online world. Enter your details below to join the waitlist for The Cadre Membership.