Welcome To Energy Think

Energy Think is a wisdom and science-based modality that guides individuals to experience their infinite potential for fulfillment through

true self-expression

To my readers and students,

Welcome to an energetic field created and cultivated to channel and serve the highest truth.

Here I teach my students to identify with their deeper self and as a result, expand their honest self-expression to its fulfillment.

The deeper self I refer to goes beyond your name, your ethnicity, your socioeconomic status, your net worth and even your spiritual understanding and ideas.

Your deeper and true self is the experience of BEING you when you are free from all manipulative forces and are thinking and communicating from this place.

To experience this requires the cultivation of wisdom.

It also requires a dismantling of all susceptibility to hosting any consciousness seeking to disempower you, within your systems.

By mastering this skillset, anything at all becomes possible and easy.

I am a (former) lawyer, and the study of law teaches its students to identify what is salient and relevant and disregard fallacious argument.

That is very much what we do here. A commitment to truth focuses on what is truly relevant for your fulfillment and teaches you to compassionately exclude the rest.

Too often people are impacted by “Bullshit” that disrupts energetic (emotional) states and fuels a cycle of increasing stress, crisis point and fleeting peace, soon followed by the return of doubt.

This cycle causes and is caused by a lack of confidence in our own individual perfection.

Sensing and honoring your truth will provide you the antidote to this pattern and open your eyes to a new understanding of who and what you are.

If you are seeking to stop self-deceiving, conforming to accommodate fear-based beliefs and allowing other people to position you into feeling anything less than powerful, I invite you to take a look at what the Cadre offers.

In true power,


“The most delightful part about the Cadre programme was everyone was so keen to share. And then, there was the sense of community and connection. And I found that Dana, who is a beautiful coach, was wholeheartedly invested. No question was off-limit, and every question was answered with a very thoughtful and really grounded answer that makes sense that you can actually translate and use. There are so many amazing things that I got out of it.” 

- Sofia Toufa

Dana Lord Lewis teaches the

intelligence of energy.

Energy Think equips individuals with the skills to consciously manifest deep desires, through understanding the principles of energy.

Dana’s teachings will enlighten your understanding of how energy works. As a student you will discover the connection between human consciousness and Earthly manifestation. You will learn how to transform your thinking on the energetic plane so that bringing what you truly want into physical reality is supported by higher, causal forces.

Energy Think offers a powerful and practical framework for catalyzing positive change in your life. These teachings are a guidebook for real-life co-creatorship through consciously accessing the most powerful asset you have: your energy. Dana’s methodology is based on the philosophy that you are the generator of your world. 

By understanding what this means on a causal level through energetic principles, you will begin to live a life where anything is possible, and you will recognize that the Universe shows up to help when asked. 

In partnership with external and internal creative forces, you can transform and create anything you know you are meant to experience.

A leading voice in applied energetics, Dana draws on her studies across human energetics, cognitive science, classical and quantum physics, spiritual teachings and law to navigate the seas of collective wisdom and be a channel for truth.

Dana’s vision is for each of her students to unlock their full potential for fulfillment in life, by learning to control their energy patterns and connect more deeply to their own power. 

Dana is gifted with the ability to distill complex energetic concepts into clear, actionable techniques that will guide you to shift your energy patterns, your energetic states and your manifestation power.

She works with students of all skill levels and offers private coaching to select leaders who are committed to making positive transformations within their sphere of influence. Dana demystifies the mechanics of universal energy and empowers her students to shape their own reality through true and expanded self-expression.


“Seeing the light bulb moments that the fellow participants had and coming to the realization that everybody in this world deserves these light bulb moments and how we need at certain points a shepherd, someone like Dana, to be able to guide us to have those light bulbs go off. What I realized was when you’re witnessing it as a group, it’s so much more fulfilling because you’re able to demonstrate your progress in front of other people who are there with love and support and I think that is just immeasurable.” 

- Diana Tesic