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Energy Think’s wisdom and science-based modality guides individuals to experience their infinite potential for fulfillment through

true self-expression.

Based on the principles of energetics, Energy Think offers an innovative approach to unlocking what you deeply desire. Desires look quite different from student to student – from career advancement, to family healing, to personal fulfillment, romance, affluence, and much more. If you can articulate it, this work supports you in turning your desire into reality.

Through expansionary guidance, students gain a solid – and applicable – understanding of how this invisible frontier is actually governed by many of the same principles as the physical world.

The purpose of this work is to empower students to actualize what they may have always dreamed of through understanding and harnessing the most powerful creationary asset we have – our energy.

This work delivers deep insights and impactful techniques to strengthen students’ manifesting capacity as they step into their true vision for fulfillment.

The key to life-changing paradigm shifts can be found within you at the intersection where your wisdom meets your evolution.


“I know that word is a really important word, but it brought me to tears in the last session to watch my Cadre family, the people in the course with me, to watch them transform before my eyes, so from where they started to the last class, I’m getting goosebumps thinking about it, brought me to tears. Some of their stories, some of the issues that they overcame, some of the patterns they recognized in themselves, the heart-opening that they experienced in the programme, that, for me, was the tangible experience and the knowledge that what Dana is putting out into this world with the Cadre programme works.”

- Diana Tesic

Elite thought-leaders and c-suite members have an opportunity to achieve their highest level of performance yet by leveraging the power of energetics. Businesses can expect an explosion in productivity, harmony, and job satisfaction with a solid framework – and support from one of the world’s foremost experts in consciousness and the intelligence of energy.

What is the key to life-changing paradigm shifts? It can be found at the intersection where wisdom meets evolution. To find energy practices that are grounded in science, and to utilize them for tangible and lasting results, it helps to have an expert to guide the way.

Energy Think programs provide a new perspective and framework to help you understand the dynamics at play in your life, dismantle fear-based behavior, change interpretational tendencies, and permanently shift the energetic patterns that block deeply desired manifests. Discover the principles and techniques to rewire your energetics, putting you in the driver’s seat to actualize any future you can imagine.

Through community membership and private mentorship, the teachings of Energy Think are offered in a variety of ways to best suit your individual knowledge base and needs.

Dana Lord Lewis is a unique thought-leader in the

realm of energetics

As a teacher of human energy and manifestation, Dana’s mission is to help her students achieve the truest desires of their souls through her unique framework to understand and change energetic patterns.

A passionate student and seeker of truth, Dana’s studies in human energetics, physics, philosophy, cognitive science, spirituality and law have honed her interest in transformational concepts rooted in ancient wisdom and supported by modern science.

Her ability to distill complex universal concepts into clear, actionable insights have made Dana a key innovator and driving force in delivering poignant guidance.

Dana provides energy courses to all skill levels and offers private coaching to select committed individuals. She helps students to dismantle fear-based behavior, change interpretational tendencies and shift energetic patterns by drawing on the principles and mechanics of human energy. Accessible strategies are offered to help her students unlock the full potential of life through their most expanded and truthful expression of self.


“I definitely feel transformed. I feel transformed in the experiences I want are coming to me instead of feeling like I have to search for them constantly. So, I do feel like a magnet. Things are coming. I just feel like I’ve really been able to identify what I want, how I want it, what it looks like, how I’m going to do it, just my views on everything.” 

- Christos Watson

Anything is Possible for You

Leading scholars of all arenas agree that the most profound frontier for humanity is a better understanding of energy.  Energy Think provides an exclusive framework to show you the path as it relates to you.

When you discover the principles of how to work with your energy, you access a way of life in which the possibilities are endless. A relationship with your own consciousness where the Universe delivers support when asked.

There is no limit to what you can transform and create for yourself as you embrace and hone the inner mechanics of your energy.

Become The Creator Of Your Paradigms

I'm able to follow my intuition guiltlessly

“Since the pilot programme, my life has changed in many ways. The biggest change that I appreciate the most is my relationship with myself. It has changed positively. I am experiencing true self-love, which is amazing. And, I’m able to follow my intuition guiltlessly, which is the most liberating thing that I have experienced so far.”

- Mehla Sarki