Case Studies


To guide her clients on this journey, Dana offers her revolutionary program, The Cadre, which explores the energetic principles that put her clients in control of their lives, and also provides a community that offers ongoing interaction with wisdom-centered teachings and innovative self-expression exercises.

Christos Watson

“Life feels like it has shifted drastically in the last six weeks. I definitely feel transformed. I feel transformed in the experiences I want are coming to me instead of feeling like I have to search for them constantly. So, I do feel like a magnet. Things are coming. I just feel like I’ve really been able to identify what I want, how I want it, what it looks like, how I’m going to do it, just my views on everything.”

Maria Lusia Mendoza

“I have lost all anxiety around money, all of a sudden I have no worry, money’s flowing in, my husband’s not worried either, whereas before I used to live with this feeling that I need to make it work for next month. After I stopped worrying, things like money just started showing up, without much effort and our businesses started doing fantastic and they’re moving forward after years of being stagnant.”

Stacie Shelnutt

“It’s this overall essence. This lightness that I feel and this freedom, and just this positivity. But it’s not almost positivity because it’s not like oh, everything is just magically better. But I just feel free from all of that. I just feel like I really am on this path towards energetic independence and really accessing my own energy regardless of what’s happening around me.”

Anna Kupiec

“I see my life changing since I’ve taken the programme, because there’s an excitement to it. I feel like I’ve unpacked this version of myself, my true version, and I’m so excited to get it out there, which sounds so strange, because for so many years I was so afraid of show it, and now there’s this freedom in it. I want to show my true self to people, and I want to be able to connect on that level, because the energy I’ve been giving out is the energy I’ve been receiving.”

Alexa Phelece

“This CADRE programme breaks down self-love in a way that no one else has ever done before. I think that this programme will give you the confidence to express yourself, and live the life that you truly desire in a way that allows you to love yourself more, and love other people more. And everything else in life just kind of falls into place.”

Bella Akhar

“What I learned in the programme is that I, when I really think about my thoughts, I tend to go to very negative energy. And I tend to just take it all in and it’s just unravels. It’s one thing after another and it just goes and goes. So I think since the programme I just now I’m able to really quick think and be like, wait. What’s going on here? And what kind of thoughts are you thinking, what kind of energy? This is hurting you. Now I could really see that this kind of thinking and allowing all this negativity and letting negative energy in, really affects me on a day-to-day basis. So I’m definitely able to pull it in a lot faster. And take a deep breath or a couple of deep breaths just to reassess and then start again with new energy, a new thought process.”

Sofi Toufa

“My life has changed since taking the programme in a way that feels lighter. I know that’s not something that you can really grasp if you’re not experiencing it yourself. But it feels like a true level up. It feels like I’m inviting different relationships into my life or attracting them even. And the ones that I am in have become more expanded. And I feel more connected.”


“I feel a lot lighter than when I started because I am able to put words to certain patterns and I am able to understand the reactions that other people have and I’m able to understand my reactions to those reactions. It feels like the issues are easier to overcome, easier to manage, easier to really get to a deeper understanding, and because you are connecting with your deeper self and the person who you actually are, there really is no issue that is not able to be overcome. Her techniques, her programme, the definition of certain knowings and feelings have made it easier for me to understand what I do and how I do it.”

Mehla Sarki

“The most delightful part of my experience is self-ownership, to have this understanding that I am the creator of my experiences and I can always choose what I want to manifest. And the most delightful knowledge for me is to know that I am the source.”

Tyler Barth

“Coming to the program with the curiosity lens of like, “I want to learn something I don’t know about and that I’m curious about,” is just a huge win for me. So in terms of what I got out of the programme was just a whole different mindset on how I should approach my life and the relationships in them and obviously the tools that you provide in order to move things forward.”


“It opened me up to seeing my patterns of anxiety. I have not yet made my million dollars or whatever my block is. But I think it helped me to remove the fear. I do have confidence that my financial situation is on its way to improve, and also to be more open to how abundance shows up in my life versus thinking I need to get this specific job and work this number of hours, or make this many sales, I’ve had money show up in ways that that I didn’t think of really up until now.”