As you may have heard, humans are currently undergoing a steep learning curve known as the “Ascension” which is understood to be a shift into the fifth dimension of consciousness from our historical anchor in the beloved third dimension. This is known as a leap within the Quantum Field and is a clear example of the unification of current knowledge around quantum energy with the perceived experience of consciousness.


The Baby Boomer generation has gifted us with much literature and one song in particular about this age (thanks, The Fifth Dimension, 1969) and now its time has finally arrived.  December 21, 2020 marked the day that is widely believed to be the official beginning of the Age of Aquarius, migrating from the previous age of Pisces, and representing a tipping point in the human collective towards more elevated existing.


This article is not about astrology or the multi-dimensional nature of the Universe. It is however, written during a profound shift that is taking place in the collective consciousness, evidenced by hundreds of timelines we are watching unfold before us that reflect a “waking up” of understanding and the dismantling of systemic power abuse in government, religion and consciousness generally (think: the Me Too movement, Black Lives Matter, exposure of Jeffery Epstein and the phenomenon of Donald Trump to name a few).


This article introduces the way you can be the winner of this new age.  Everyone wants to win, right? I certainly do. I am very competitive, though I have hidden that from everyone including myself at times when I felt it was uncouth.  The truth is, we are all competitive when it comes to our own happiness and if we are not honest with ourselves about this, we can end up angry or depressed.  Winning for you might not look like winning a race or making a billion dollars, but each of us develops an understanding over time of the ways in which we like to win and we make these wins to support our larger goal of living happily.  Truly happily without falsity (a key point).


You can get on board with winning!  If you are lucky enough to know what you’d like to win at, you are already ahead of the game (some have a lot of trouble with that step).  It’s just a matter of going out there into the big world and “getting it”, right?  But what does the “getting it” look like, if the strategies you thought would work just aren’t cutting it?  This is where I’d like to start making mind shifts.




Mind Shift 1


Historically (and in the age of Pisces), the vibe has been to understand the world practically in terms of its physical nature. The industrial revolution, the scientific method, railroads, mass agriculture, medicine, and engineering burgeoned.  The scientific method provided a platform for technology to exponentially blossom from and today we find ourselves remarkably advanced in this way relative to our ancestors in a comparatively short time period.


“ This new vibe is a more refined tool set on realigning that which is out of balance in our collective consciousness, as reflected in our manifested world experience ”


The Age of Aquarius waves in a new vibe. A vibe that must manage the now over saturation of industry, the superfluousness of consumer demand and the over expression of unhealthy aspects of the human consciousness showing up as environmental destruction, environmental rebellion, corruption and greed.  This vibe is not about how to construct the tallest skyscraper or how to maneuver to glean the most resources from a scarcity mentality.  This new vibe is a more refined tool set on realigning that which is out of balance in our collective consciousness, as reflected in our manifested world experience.


The key innovation of this new age is the placement of the self as the central, if not the sole, source of power behind any individual life experience.  The introductory lesson on winning the game in the modern era must begin with the phenomenon of energetic resonance which underlies the commonsensical (though still controversial) Law of Attraction.


Resonance is at play throughout our physical world and is the phenomenon underlying our experience of color, as one example. Simply put, different atoms can absorb different frequencies of light wave and the result of a successful absorption of light wave is the production of color. It is essentially “frequency matching” at the most fundamental level and its something the scientific community has understood for hundreds of years. It’s old news even though very few people actually get it.


Similarly, the Law of Attraction states that like energies attract like energies and this is extrapolated to the principle that humans will attract into their lives what they are focused on. It is not to be overlooked that inherent to this law is an appreciation for human beings as energetic systems and energetic transmitters and though this principle is something that every revered business coach will tell you, since the term was largely made well-known through the trans-channeling of a higher dimensional being named Abraham by Ester Hicks, not everyone has jumped on the bandwagon and the culturally-influential Christian community was quick to label the messaging as necromantic and Satanic. For the sake of the win, let’s give resonance a chance.


My own initial interpretation of the Law of Attraction and the idea of creating-my-own-reality seemed fairly straightforward. Yes, of course one will fuel the things in their life that they focus on and those which they leave starved of their attention will surely fade away. Yet what I did not realize then and what many are awakening to now is the profound human complexity that underlies one’s ability to focus pure creative attention on that which they want to see manifest.



Mind Shift 2


How do you win? We can distill this question down to one thing that everyone from all generations and backgrounds can appreciate, and that is the simple idea of happiness. Not the attainment of happiness, but the ongoing, ever present experience of happiness as we journey through life seeking our goals and navigating our relationships. The frequency of happiness that is experienced independently of any manifest outcome.  Happiness that does not turn on whether your car is the one you want. It is experienced by you alongside your awareness that you would prefer a different car. This is the happiness I refer to.


The relationship between happiness and creating-ones-own-reality is an inextricably linked one, far more so than people realize.  The two concepts are like a pair of entangled electrons; mirror images of each other and not a matter of cause and effect. You see there is no time factor between electrons that are entangled (to continue the analogy) and so instead of the linear perspective of happiness being experienced later in time as a result of a manifest experience (new car), the deeper truth is that the new car arrival is equally a function of how much happiness you have experienced leading up to it. The delivery to you of a manifest experience (new car) is a result of the amount and quality of energy the potential for the experience was fueled with. This part is important.



Mind Shift 3


If energy is what creates, where does that leave us as creators? As far as we know, we don’t have Avenger-like superpowers so how are we supposed to wield energy to make things happen out of thin air? Herein lies the secret of this awakening. We do have power that is not yet widely understood and accepted. We are in the process of discovering our abilities to affect our experience of reality and there is a lot of pressure from societal systems and engrained, older perspectives to prevent such discovery. We can do more with our brains than we have realized as of yet.


Naysayers lament, but then again, it has always been that way – the progressive versus the conservative, it’s just that the parties shift their ideological positions. It used to be that the pursuit of science represented blasphemy of truth (think Galileo’s head on a block) and now science is often invoked to undermine spiritual insight.  The same folks who tout the mathematically proven infinite nature of our multiverse simultaneously deny that energetic frequencies, based on the ways we are currently able to measure them, play a fundamental role in physical manifestation. For those willing to look beyond the third dimension, limitations lie not in our capacity but in our willingness to inhabit our capacities.


What if the human species could, when ready, actually shift matter through thought?


Believe it or not, that is what is on the agenda for the Age of Aquarius, though likely no time soon (the age lasts about 2,160 years). Also on the agenda is the rise of the feminine consciousness, curtailing the over-expression of masculine darkness which has progressively defined Pisces with the oppressive nature of the Christian church beginning with the crusades.


We are ushering in a time where the metrics are different. Millennials are the first “full-technology” generation and they have broken the mold across the board. They are expanded. They are optimistic, idealistic and powerful empathically. They are focused on healing themselves and others. They are known as the “generation-give” and they have completely dissolved any stigma around honest discussion of emotion and deep-felt pain.


“ Like any ability, it pays to learn how to do it well ”


This movement is key to winning you see, because whether or not you buy into the Age of Aquarius, the Law of Attraction, the Quantum Field, you are manifesting. You are creating like a boss, moment to moment to moment. From the moment you wake up in the morning to the moment you go to sleep at night you are engaging your mental energy and that is your CPU, interfacing with what you perceive to be around you. Like any ability, it pays to learn how to do it well.



Mind Shift 4


The nature of the energy used to manifest inevitably underlies the character of that which is manifested. This means that if you are angry or afraid (as examples), you are putting those frequencies, that type of energy, into whatever it is you are focusing on and looking to make into a manifested thing.


For example, if we wanted to visually track the journey flow of energy from you to an endeavor – let’s say, making a ceramic pot – we could assign the color blue to represent your energy.  With the time and mental focus you put into making the pot, we could see the transfer of your energy into the pot – we could literally *see* the flow of energy from you to it.  Now, if you are happy and your baseline experience of life is one of happiness, your blue would be super bright.  If parts of you are happy but there are parts of you that are sad or fearful or burdened with guilt and shame, your blue will not be as bright even if you have stuffed those feelings way down decades ago – even if you cannot remember the source from which they came, your blue will still be dulled by their presence. If you are angry, your blue would be all over the place – might not even always appear blue. Whatever the brightness of the blue within you that you must give is what the ceramic pot will receive.


The brightness of your final creation depends on the quality of the energy you must create it with.  This is the same for all areas of life – career trajectory, relationship success, all dreams coming true.  If your consciousness is marred by stored pain, then this is going to impact your ability to manifest your ideal life.  Witnessing your ideal life unfold is thus a matter of operating moment to moment in the highest vibrational state possible. The state of most joy and love. These states are the hallmarks of the fifth dimension.


The millennials are also known as the healing generation, and what they have figured out is that in order to make this leap to ascension, the world must heal. The entire collective has to up-level its vibration by shedding denser, stagnating consciousnesses that are remnants from an earlier time where fear was used to control and power was abused.


The answer to how to win the game of life is to begin to step into your power to create, not just anything, but what it is you really authentically want.  In order to do this, you must begin the journey of healing. If you want to live on the cutting edge of evolution, you will want to be an early adopter of fifth dimensional thinking. First step, begin to release denser consciousness that bring you down.  Get comfortable with not even being able to identify them other than to know deep down that you could be happier.  If you could be happier, you can be happier.


Start opening to the idea that healing is how you get what you want, and you will begin to see opportunities to get started. That’s how this works.  Thought-to-Reality, poof!  It happened. And if you’re still not sure just have a few conversations about it with friends and watch how your Universe starts communicating to you through targeted advertising a la your smartphone. These are exciting dimensions toggle between.