It is possible that there are battles playing out inside you that are preventing your dreams from coming true


I am now living in line with my dream, and it feels wonderfully amazing. I highly recommend it. If you want to make sure you are spending your time doing exactly what you truly want to be doing instead of carrying out actions that are secretly perpetuating a war within you and distracting you from the prize, then keep reading.

I have spent the last 17 years (almost half my life) battling a monster, which very recently I killed and buried. My unique monster is a longer story for another time but the result of its death has been the acute and unwavering realization that I am worthy of pursuing my dreams and of complete happiness. I now have confidence in my abilities and constant joy in my day-to-day choices.

The funny thing was that up until I was ready to face it, I didn’t even know there was a monster within, much less that I was heavily engaged in battle with it. It took enormously painful life events and three professionals to reveal this truth to me. My goal is to streamline the process for you and offer insights in hopes that you will peek into your own consciousness, see if there are any monsters there and if so, do what needs to be done to kill it.

The world needs more of this kind of work being done.


How do you know if you have a closet monster?  

The first indication you have a monster is if there are things in your life that are really ticking you off on a regular basis. This could be a relationship experience – a romantic partner, a spouse, a parent, a friend or even colleagues. The closer you are to the person who you find annoying, the more likely you are dealing with a monster because monsters appreciate the big payoffs, like constant fighting and deep emotional torment. Mind you, a fit of internal rage triggered by an overly talkative Uber driver would also fall in the “there’s probably a monster” category.


“  Being required to invest significant daily energy into initiatives that do not fulfill or promise to ever fulfill is a constant indicator that you are not expressing your deepest truths ”


It does not have to be a relating experience though. You could have all your relationships in relatively stable states but perhaps your career does not look like you think it should or could. Being required to invest significant daily energy into initiatives that do not fulfill or promise to ever fulfill is a constant indicator that you are not expressing your deepest truths and therefore it will trigger anger or worse, repression of anger. Experiencing this situation means there is likely a monster.

Finally, you could be in stable loving relationships and have a fulfilling job and still have a monster, most certainly. The telltale sign is if you struggle to derive happiness from these wonderful external aspects of your life. If you find yourself anxious, depressed, or angry enough to call your overall happiness into question then there is more than likely a monster at play.


Ways to know if you have a closet monster:


• People upset you frequently

• Your career feels unfulfilling

• You are often not happy, despite being fortunate


What is a closet monster?  


A closet monster is something very real, yet completely fictitious. It is real in the sense that it exists in your consciousness and because of its presence, your behavior is impacted. It is entirely fictitious in the sense that its existence is a product of your interpretation of it and relationship to that interpretation. In other words, its existence can be extinguished with a magical and easy combination of awareness and reinterpretation.


“ When external events trigger us, they trigger the release of tough emotions ”


Closet monsters are immensely powerful and the best ones are adept at deception. Most of us do not realize it is there lurking within but instead will point outwardly to pieces of our lives like that relationship or that disappointment as rationale for the heavy way we are feeling. When external events trigger us, they trigger the release of tough emotions.

What we must realize is that those tough emotions are released from somewhere. They were generated from the invisible battle and stored up over time to create a charge which ultimately attracted socially acceptable (or not) conditions for their offload. If there had not been a buildup of emotion, there would not be anything to release. The key is letting go of the classic notions of cause-and-effect and instead bringing our attention back to our internal world to discover where the emotion is coming from. This will change your life.


A closet monster is the culprit behind the buildup of negative emotion because a closet monster is somehow causing you to live in a fashion that is not entirely true to who you are and this causes anger. The monster is responsible for the out-of-balance tendencies, such as over-giving and over-taking as well as the limiting beliefs, which drive the conclusion that you are not allowed to be a hundred percent happy. Beliefs like you do not deserve it, or such a state is not real or that if you believe in happiness, you will be unsafe in some way because you are no longer safeguarded against surprise. These beliefs are false. In fact, your natural state is one of joy and love.


How to kill a closet monster


The first step in killing the closet monster is to recognize a distinction between it and you. It is not you, nor are the emotions it promotes you to feel. Those are moments you experience. The real you is a multi-dimensional being with limitless potential and a direct line to the Source energy of your Universe. We are all like this. We are limited only by our closet monsters, and so we must first see that there is a monster, even if we do not know what it looks like yet.


“ Recognize that this external event is not the cause but is a result of stored emotion within you “


Start to create separation between yourself the moments when you experience the work of the monster. When you are angry or scared, observe the feeling, and observe the cascade of thoughts that follow it, pointing your focus in the direction of the “cause” of your problems. Recognize that this external event is not the cause but is a result of stored emotion within you and that eventually, when you are living in your truth, you will not be triggered by equivalent events.

Eventually you will be ready to reframe the ideas that underpin anything out of alignment in your life. This will require you to shine a light on the limiting beliefs about yourself that you have been storing that allow this monster to continuously feed. This is where the monster dies. The energetic space the now-dead monster once occupied will be set free and become yours to inhabit and work from, increasing your ability to store and cycle useful energy. By killing your monster, you will become energetically larger, more powerful, and infinitely happier.