We are all natural born channelers. Some of us are starting to pay attention to which energies we let in.  


COVID Cracks  

Everyone has a COVID story, and some are deliciously colorful. I imagine one day my grandchild may ask me “what did you do during the pandemic”, and my answer will involve flirting with a blue Peleidian light being named Joseph, receiving a ring from the primordial Egyptian god Ptah, and learning the solution to one of my biggest problems in life, from Jesus himself.  And no, I will tell her, I was not micro dosing.


“ There is a crack, a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in ”


COVID is cracking open shells everywhere. Leonard Cohen hit the nail on the head in Anthem, with the lyrics “There is a crack, a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” This resonates for me with my COVID experience – all the cracks in my life have been busted open – in my marriage, with my extended family and most importantly, in my relationship with myself.  The result is that I see a ton more light than I did before, and this is the ascension process.

I believe COVID is playing a big role in shifting the collective consciousness by making us all more reflective people, forcing us to re-think our value systems and to face our deepest fears.  I believe in the success of our collective ascension and I am stoked that December 21, 2020 was supposedly the official beginning of the Aquarian Age, one that promises a heightened human capacity for awareness and new states of higher consciousness.

In light of this, and to get me through unpacking the cracks, I have been leaning into my spirituality – amping up my own healing process and my studies. Turning up this dial has opened my mind to a number of spiritual influencers, some of which I was closed to in the past, but during COVID, I have hungrily consumed on a daily basis.


Beings of Light?

Most interesting to me have been the influencers who relay messages from their “guides” as to what is going on with the human collective and what we need to know to navigate the shared challenges from the highest possible perspective. Known as “beings of light”, these guides hail from the galactic realms, the angelic realms, the community of ascended masters and a number of other dimensions to share their wisdom.

I have embraced these influencers for the simple reason that the messages they are delivering strike me as brilliant and truly enlightened. They are speaking the most truth and providing the most helpful information for individual and collective healing of anyone else I hear publicly, far surpassing any government leadership and all media outlets.

The messaging I have heard has been so strong and so consistent that I was compelled to further understand what was happening. Was there actually a group of light beings offering guidance?

One of the influencers I speak of is Lorie Ladd, a spiritual teacher, who offers a four-hour “How to Channel” course for 39 dollars. I dove right in.


My Experience 

My experience going through the exercise was profound. As I alluded to, I did have an encounter with a member of the Peleidian community (Lorie called him in during the recording) who was very masculine and very blue, and which made me feel flirtatious. I also felt energy that I interpreted to be Jesus who told me, in a single sentence, that I am to “forgive the Christian religion.” Deep right? And unexpected.

Last, but not least, I felt the energetic presence of Ptah, who is an Egyptian god that I have studied and, in my mind, he was also blue, so when I finished my channeling, I decided I would buy myself a blue ring as a commemoration of this experience. Two hours later, I was handed a small jewelry box from a friend of mine as a gift. I opened it to see a beautiful blue ring, and that synchronicity sealed the experience as a legitimate part of my spiritual toolkit.


The Truth about Channeling  

When you boil it down, channeling is simply a matter of intentionally resonating with high frequencies (that is, enlightened thoughts only) and letting your imagination, also known as your Third Eye, filter through to you the answers to any questions you might have. It is not meditation; it is a different practice. If your Third Eye/imagination happens to visualize the frequencies you are connecting to in a particular way, you might actually interact with a light being delivering you the message.

Understanding the practice this way, I realized that we are channeling all the time, without aware intention. We are interacting with the energies of those around us constantly and unless we are conscious about what we choose to take in, we must work with what we are offered.  If someone criticizes us, we must manage that. If someone shares their enthusiasm with us, we will manage that too. We are always “channeling” emotional energies around us and our imaginations / intuitions are making interpretations as to what those energies mean. To adopt a channeling practice seems to be this exact same thing but with the intention to allow in only those conscious understandings that are of the highest and most enlightened perspective.


How to Shut off the Ego  

Undoubtedly, I have downloaded clear and profound messages that I had not arrived at on my own prior to channeling, despite a lot of analytical effort. I have been able to tease out the solutions to complex emotional issues simply by allowing the information to come to me. I have been able to apply these downloads to my writing and to my client work.


“ There is a big difference between when our true Self is driving the thought bus versus when our egos are in control and we become defensive and operate out of fear or anger ”


However, the biggest advantage I have noticed is that I am now able to ascertain with awareness when my ego is the genesis of my thoughts in a given moment. There is a big difference between when our true Self is driving the thought bus versus when our egos are in control and we become defensive and operate out of fear or anger. Most people cannot grasp which part is in control in a given moment when emotions are at play – the voice just feels like our own, but then in retrospect we are able to realize we were being driven by something that seeks to sabotage us.

When you channel, your ego speaks up and tries to tell you that what you are doing is not going to work and you will not hear anything or learn anything. To do the practice right, you must quell this voice – you must develop a strategy for accepting that it is there but not listening to it. This takes a bit of getting used to but in a pretty short amount of time I could distinguish between messages that were dualistic, judgmental, and loud versus those that were unifying, compassionate and gentle. There really is quite a difference.

Now I can hear the voice in my head with more clarity. Is this thought secretly divisive and isolating? Or is it pure love? It is one or the other, and this kind of awareness is a superpower for navigating and creating meaningful relationships of all types. I recommend giving it a try one day if you are struggling to figure any parts of your life out. You might surprise yourself and arrive at a helpful insight. Hey, you might even download a soundbite from a galactic being because in this world anything is possible.